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Life Coaching Over the Phone Telecoaching

Telecoaching Life Coaching Over the Phone

Olympia Life Coach offers life coaching over the phone, internet and teleconferencing.

Telecoaching allows the client and coach to connect without being hindered by geography.

life-coaching-by-phone-telecoaching-olympia-life-coachYes, for our local clients we do have attractive and serene offices for face-to-face meetings, including a conference room for group meetings. Thanks to advancing technologies, we are able to connect with clients regardless of where they may be located on our planet.

In our effort to help empower people, fulfill their destinies and live life to its fullest, it is so exciting to take our mission to others to continue our commitment of making the world a better place one life at a time.

We have been effectively using telecoaching models since 2009 and continue to broaden our telecommunication skills as technology advances.

What does telecoaching look like? Life coaching by phone is the most common approach. When two or more clients are cooperating in their projects, connecting by teleconference, or internet mediums come into play. Groups also have the benefit of participating in this manner. Thanks to Skype, we are able to offer international clients access without any added cost for the communication medium.

As with our in-person coaching, follow-up and mid-session communication is made via email and SMS cell-phone texting.

Telecoaching clients cover a wide range of needs including deeply personal transformation, professional career-focused coaching, and business consulting or group mastermind facilitation.

Another advantage of telecoaching and life coaching by phone is the added convenience to the client – even local clients. It is not uncommon for local office clients to convert their sessions to a telecommuting relationship due to not having to drive to commute to and from the session, and to be able to conduct the coaching process from the convenience of their own home or office.

Highly sensitive clients enjoy the benefits of being able to participate in life coaching without having to be inhibited by being in a less comfortable environment, having to distress from the traffic of the commute or having to make eye contact.

A-type personalities that are always on-the-go are able to fully engage in the coaching process via telecoaching without missing a beat, regardless of their physical location.

Contact us for more information on how to start your Olympia Life Coach telecoaching today.

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